One of the biggest disadvantages to joining a web ring is that it represents a link to other sites, right on your home page. Unless all of your traffic comes from the web ring, you’re sending visitors away right after they hit your site. What’s worse, you don’t have any control over the quality of the sites that are linked from yours on the web ring.

If the other sites on the web ring are poor in quality, very few web surfers will visit many sites before concluding that all of the sites on the ring are of poor quality. Since anyone can join, it’s likely that any web ring will have its share of poor sites.

Even worse, in our view, is the web ring code itself. Web rings usually demand a lot of screen space on your web page, for a gigantic web ring logo and graphical links. To get an idea of how much space, just visit and try one of the web rings out yourself. Awful, isn’t it? If you decide to join a web ring, try to find one that uses or allows text-only links, so that you can put them at the bottom of the page, out of sight.