If you’re one of the fortunate few sites in your category to sit atop the search engine rankings for the best keywords and phrases, congratulations! Now the bad news http://kamagra2020.pl : your top ranking won’t last forever. Everyone out there can pull the same tricks you did to get there, and sooner or later someone will beat you at that game. Here’s the good news: you don’t need search engines to get a lot of traffic. The best source of new traffic to your web site, in fact, is links from other web sites.

There are four kinds of links that you can have from other web sites:

Links from search engines, directories, and indexes that use their own criteria in evaluating whether (and where) to list your site, but ask for nothing in return. We discuss these in detail in our Search Engines section.
Those that you put there, such as free-for-all (FFA) link pages, web directories that list everything, etc. These types of links are sometimes great, and sometimes completely useless. With enough of them, there’s a chance that someone will click on one from time to time.
Links that someone on their site without asking anything in return. These are great, and you should make it as easy as possible for others to link to your web site. If your site provides a valuable resource or two, you can expect to see this happen quite a bit.
Reciprocal links, where you and the operator of another site agree to provide links to each other’s sites. This may be an exchange of banners, or simple text links.