Sometimes, quality is more important than quantity. When you’re trying to drive up your site’s “link popularity” with the search engines, though, quantity is often much more important than quality. While a good reciprocal linking campaign will eventually provide a strong payoff, there is a way to put thousands of links to your site out onto the net, at least for a short time.

Free-for-all (FFA) sites allow anyone to post a link to any site, for free. The price you pay is receiving an email back from most of the FFA sites you submit to. In order to avoid getting buried under this junk mail, we strongly recommend that you set up a separate email address to receive them.

There are two ways to handle FFA submissions pozyczki internetowe. The easiest way is to just use software to handle the process. We recommend FFA Blaster – it’s easy to set up, and has a very large database of FFA sites. In fact, this program can get your site onto over 26,000 FFA link pages at once.

If software doesn’t fit your budget, you have a couple of free options. First, you can use a free FFA submission site like this one. Second, you can download Get Found for free – it only submits to a couple thousand sites, but it’s a lot faster than using a web site.

If you’re going to bother with FFA pages at all, and you definitely should during the initial stages of your site’s launch, get the FFA Blaster if you can afford it. You may even get a few odd click-throughs from people visiting the FFA pages you’ve submitted to. This website promotion technique is simply too easy, and too cheap, to ignore.